August iphone pics


One August morning before school started Foster’s school had a Chinese Orientation Day for the kids to get to know one another and learn a little bit about the Chinese Immersion Program.  At the end of the morning the parents came and the kids sang us a song that they learned in Chinese!

IMG 3434


Hosting a lemonade stand was an item on our Summer Bucket List so we had to fit that in before school started.  The kids had a blast!

IMG 3621


The neighbor friends joined in to help: Foster, Brock, Emma, and Brylee

IMG 3623


Our good friends stopped by for some lemonade… Brody is sitting next to Foster

IMG 3625


Emma, Stella, and Brylee

IMG 3632



Foster was invited to a Birthday party at the zoo on a Saturday morning.  The zoo had a great dinosaur exhibit for a short time and the birthday party was inside the exhibit. Foster got to get up close and personal with some of the mechanical dinosaurs!IMG 3893

IMG 3894


After the Birthday party Foster and I got to spend some one-on-one time together at the zoo- I loved it! 

IMG 3910

Impromptu Tea Party

One random day in July Emma decided that we all needed to have a tea party in the dining room!  She spent a lot of time setting it up and requested that we all come dressed for the occasion! We had quite an interesting assortment of food!

IMG 3411


Some of the pics are blurry but still worth sharing… here is our selfie

IMG 3414

IMG 3415


My favorite part… Emma set places for the stuffed animals. :)

IMG 3420

IMG 3421

Trip to the Lake

On August 22nd we had a great day at the lake with our good friends the Smiths!

It was raining for most of the morning so we just kept crossing our fingers that the rain would pass… and it did!  We took this picture before heading to the lake:

IMG 3801


Boat ride…

IMG 3804

IMG 3808

IMG 3810


The kids loved tubing- we went very slowly!

IMG 3813


Robin and Paul hanging out on the beach- there is no telling what those two were talking about! ;)

IMG 3821


Paul on the tube with the boys

IMG 3834

I love trips to the lake! I would live there if I could!

First Day of School

It seems like our summer flew by SO quickly!  The first day of school was Wednesday, August 19th. We packed their bags the night before…

IMG 3744


The first day of school was rainy and cold!  Big ‘ol bummer for the Moms who love taking pics of their kids with cute little signs in their first day of school outfits. :)  We made the best of it though!

IMG 3749

IMG 9861  1

IMG 3755


Emma asked if she could make her own sign this year… she is growing up too fast!

IMG 9829  1


IMG 9838  1

IMG 9852  1



This was Foster’s first time to ride the bus- he was so excited! I was so thankful he had his big sister Emma to show him the way! IMG 9867


IMG 9885

IMG 3758


IMG 9886


Per tradition, Robin and I followed the bus in our car to the school. :) Cracks me up that we do this. We wanted to make sure he made it to his class safely! 

IMG 9903

Here he is with his good buddy Abby- they were in the same Pre-K class also.  Aren’t they adorable?!

IMG 9916  1

Tulsa Zoo with Friends

On August 11th we met up with some friends at the Tulsa Zoo!

Foster, Cash, Henry, Claire, Emma, and John Parker.  Just a bit later the Baldwins met up with us. It was a fun morning!

IMG 3655

IMG 3666


Jonah and Cash

IMG 3669


Cash and Mommy on the train… chooo chooo!

IMG 3678


Foster and John Parker

IMG 3682

IMG 3683

IMG 3688

IMG 3693

IMG 3694

Mommy-Emma time Pinkitzel

When it was time to drive to OKC to pick up Nana and Foster from their train ride I decided to take Emma so we could have some Mommy-Emma time.  My kids TREASURE one-on-one time and I try to be very purposeful about including a lot of it in our busy days.

When we got to OKC we stopped at Pinkitzel and spent about an hour there shopping and eating some goodies.  

IMG 3596

IMG 3600

IMG 3602

I absolutely love time with just Emma- especially since she is my only daughter!

IMG 3609


Next we headed to the train station. We had to wait for about 30 minutes because the train was running late. It was pretty late at night and Nana said Foster fell asleep for the last 20 minutes of the train ride.  Here are Emma and Foster right after he got off the train. Bro and Sis reunited!

IMG 3614

IMG 9828

Oklahoma City: Train Trip

It has become tradition for my Mom to take my kiddos on a train ride from OKC to Forth Worth Texas when they are 5 years old, the summer before they start Kindergarten. When they get to Fort Worth they stay with Pops and Gigi for a couple of days and then take the train back to OKC. This is such a fun tradition and I am so thankful to my Mom for being such a cool Nana.  Foster has been talking about this trip since Emma got to go on the trip 3 years ago! 

We woke up bright and early on August 7th and had breakfast at the hotel and then took the 2 minute drive to the train station.  

IMG 3532


Foster and Nana getting ready to board the train!

IMG 3534

IMG 3539


I love this picture of Foster with his favorite stuff animal, “Lightning.”

IMG 3545

IMG 3549


The rest of the crew waiting to wave good bye!

IMG 3553


Just for fun- here is a picture of Nana and Emma exactly 3 years earlier taking the same trip! Emma 5 1/2 years old on left, Foster 5 1/2 years old on the right.

IMG 3564


After the train left we went back to the hotel to pack up our things and then headed out to have lunch at Pops in Arcadia.  This was our first time here and it did not disappoint!

IMG 3571

IMG 3577

Oklahoma City Trip: Ballpark View

We stayed at an awesome hotel in OKC… the Hampton in Bricktown.  The hotel is on the ball field! Last year we stayed at the same hotel but we didn’t have a view of the ballpark from our room. This time I made sure we requested a ballpark view room and we went on a night when a game was being played! 

This picture was taken right after we checked in. Here you can see workers preparing the field before the game… they were watering the grass! 


IMG 3508


Nana doing school work with Emma at the hotel- once a teacher always a teacher- Emma loves doing school work with Nana!

IMG 3510


That evening after dinner we quickly came back to our room to watch the baseball game.  The kids loved it! They had the option of swimming at the hotel or watching the game and they all wanted to watch the game!

We knew that Foster was going to be playing baseball the next year so this was a great opportunity for Robin to explain the game to Foster.

IMG 3516

IMG 3518


Not a bad bedtime activity! And we didn’t even have to get all hot and sticky outside!

IMG 3522

Oklahoma City Trip: State Capital Tour

On August 6th we took a trip with Nana to OKC so she and Foster could take a train ride to TX the next day.  We made it to OKC just in time to take a tour of the State Capital.  I was a little nervous about bringing 3 small children on a tour but they did great!

IMG 3443


There are so many things about the capital that are just stunning- here is a view of the dome from the inside looking up!

IMG 3449


Getting ready to go into the Supreme Court…

IMG 3450


Cash, Robin, and Emma sitting in the Oklahoma Supreme Court

IMG 3456

IMG 3459

IMG 3463

IMG 3470

IMG 3483


The boys with Jim Thorpe

IMG 3486


Emma and Cash standing with Sequoyah who wrote the Cherokee Alphabet

IMG 3492

IMG 3498

IMG 3503


We decided to drive by the Ten Commandments statue… it had been in the news in recent days and was set to be removed from the Capital grounds.  Robin wanted to get a picture before it was gone. 

IMG 3504