Dentist and Downtown

On August 4th we started the morning with a visit to the dentist for cleanings for all 3 kids and then went to visit Daddy at his work downtown for lunch!

This was Cash’s first “real cleaning” and he did great!

IMG 3365


I love this picture of Foster showing Cash how to open his mouth wide!

IMG 3369


Big sister looking on

IMG 3372


Next we went to visit Daddy at work.  Here is Cash checking out Daddy’s phone!

IMG 3376

IMG 3380


We got to eat at the food trucks that were nearby that day.  The Lone Wolf food truck was awesome! I had a chicken fried rice type dish that was so unique and so yummy. 

IMG 3385


We took a little walk and got to see the train tracks

IMG 3395


Here are the kiddos with Nana standing on the the Center of the Universe!

IMG 3401

July iPhone pics

One day we met up with some friends at the movie theater to see Inside Out.  The kids had a great time!

IMG 2830

IMG 2832


Donut date with my boys after taking Emma to church camp

IMG 2872


Emma loved having her friend Nina over to play one afternoon.  They have been in the same class since Kindergarten!

IMG 3139

IMG 3142


Emma and Foster tried to learn some adult card games while we were in Texas with family.  They came home wanting to play Phase 10 every night!

IMG 3254


Emma and her good friends at Church day camp at Camp Tulakogee

IMG 3256

Children’s Museum

On July 28th I took Foster and Cash and Landon to the Children’s Museum.  Emma was gone at church camp that week so we tried to fill our time with some fun things for the boys.

Here are some blurry pictures of Cash and Foster going down the tape tunnel slide!

IMG 3293

IMG 3295

IMG 3292


Cash checking out the lego exhibit


IMG 3300


Foster and Landon learning about science and energy

IMG 3303

IMG 3310

Foster passed the swim test

I felt that this occasion deserved it’s very own blog post… On July 25th Foster passed the swim test at Lifetime!  This is a huge deal! 

To pass the swim test you have to swim the length of the pool without touching and without stopping.  You can swim on front or back, you just can’t stand up or touch the wall.  Once you pass the swim test you get a Lifetime wrist band that allows you to swim wherever you want at the pool, in other words you don’t have to stay right by your parents.  Foster had tried the swim test on several occasions but had trouble.  I knew that his main issue was confidence.  So on July 25th we had Landon with us- he is a year older and he was our guest so he had to take the swim test also.  He passed without problem at all and then encouraged Foster to take the test also. He stood on the side of the pool and cheered him on the whole way. It was precious and warmed my heart so much! Foster was SO excited when he got to the end of the pool. I was so excited too!!

IMG 3280


Here is a picture to give you an idea how far he swam- 25 meters to be exact!  Way to go Foster!

IMG 3283

Curry Cousin Reunion

Each year we try to get together with all of the Curry cousins sometime during the month of July.  This year we got together July 22-26th and did a stay-cation and Gigi and Pops house.  

Robin was SO tired before the trip even started.  He had been very busy working on Pastor Search Committee stuff for church and was completely worn out.  I drove on the drive to TX.


IMG 3149


When we got to TX the kids all wanted to ride with Pops everywhere they went. :)

IMG 3152


The first day that we were there we went to the Grapevine Aquarium and the Lego store in the morning.  

IMG 3154

IMG 3161

IMG 3166

IMG 9318


IMG 9322

IMG 3170


Robin, Dirk, and Pops

IMG 3173

IMG 3175

IMG 9230

IMG 9263

IMG 9274



Hanging out at Gigi’s house and coloringIMG 3183


The 2nd day we went to Hawaiian Falls and we had a blast!

IMG 3186


I’m pretty sure Robin pushed Cash down the slide- he was crying in this picture!

IMG 3192



IMG 3196

IMG 3199

IMG 3203

IMG 3220

IMG 3226

IMG 3228


Some of the funnest memories from this trip were spent swimming at Pops and Gigi’s house- the kids had so much fun!

IMG 9342  1


We are so glad Grandmom was able to come to Arlington to see all of the kids

IMG 9347  1

IMG 3243


Robin and his brother Craig 

IMG 3247

IMG 9374  1

IMG 9401

IMG 9399

IMG 9425  1

IMG 9430

IMG 9467

IMG 9507  1

IMG 9534

IMG 9572

IMG 9633

IMG 9680  1

IMG 9704  1

IMG 9706

Branson Trip Day 3 & 4

The day after Silver Dollar City we hung around the resort to play tennis and go swimming! 

Here are little tennis players. :)

IMG 3060

IMG 3053

Lessons with Daddy….

IMG 8960


IMG 8966  1


IMG 3061


IMG 3065

IMG 3066



IMG 8986


It was very hot outside so after about 45 minutes of tennis it was time to jump in the cold pool!

IMG 3076

IMG 9006


IMG 9013


Uncle Boom chilling on the raft 

IMG 9020

IMG 9028


I love this series of pictures of my brother tossing my kids in the water- they had so much fun!

IMG 9034  1

IMG 9035  1


IMG 9056

IMG 9060

IMG 9069  1


IMG 9090  1

IMG 9106  1


We had lunch at the pool and then went to the condo to rest for a bit before our big night out.  

That night we went to the Dixie Stampede for our big event!  You eat dinner with your hands while watching the show. It was really fun!  Their soup was the BEST soup I’ve ever had. I’ve tried to remake it but it wasn’t as awesome as it was at the Dixie Stampede.  


IMG 3080


IMG 9142  1


After the show we went to Cakes n Creams ice cream parlor- it is tradition and it was just as good as we remembered it!

IMG 3115


I have been waiting for this funnel cake for a year exactly. :)
IMG 3117


IMG 3123

IMG 3132

The next morning we woke up, took a few pictures at the local playground and then loaded up and headed home.  


IMG 9167

IMG 9189

IMG 9200

IMG 9213

Branson did not disappoint- we will be back next year!

Branson Day 1 & 2

We took a trip to Branson for the 2nd year in a row.  I got to drive the first day because Robin had some church stuff to work on.  Here is our crew ready to go! Poor Nana in the way back!

IMG 2926


We stopped at Lambert’s for lunch on our way to Branson.  The kids loved the waiters walking by with veggies and rolls! Yummy. 

IMG 2929

IMG 2934


After a good night of sleep we all woke up refreshed and ready to go Silver Dollar City.  

IMG 3008

IMG 3014

IMG 3016

IMG 3017


As soon as the park opened my brother and I ran to the “BIG” rides and rode them over and over and over again while there were NO LINES!!

IMG 3023


So adorable- Cash and Daddy on the dalmatians  

IMG 3026


Cash checking out the teacups

IMG 3030

IMG 3034


Nana with Emma and Foster

IMG 3035



Now this is a good Nana right here… she rode the small roller coaster with Emma even though she HATES roller coasters.  IMG 3036


Water rides are always so fun!

IMG 3039

IMG 3041

IMG 3042

We had so much fun at Silver Dollar City!!

American Girl Tea Party

On July 11th Emma and I got to go to a very special Mother-Daughter event with our good friends Jamey and Aubrey.  The American Girl Tea Party was at Gilcrease Museum on July 11th.  Josephine was the featured doll for the event.  I got the girls these matching outfits and Jamey got them mini Josephine dolls. 

IMG 2862


IMG 2864


Here are the girls at our lunch table

IMG 2846


A little sampling of some of the food

IMG 2849

IMG 2850


We got to go on a little scavenger hunt through the museum

IMG 2855

IMG 2845

IMG 2858


Cash is 2 and a half years old

Cash turned 2 and half on June 11th.  He is the sweetest little addition to our family- I can’t imagine life without him!

IMG 2777


Cash is such a funny kid… he is often in his own world but he completely entertains himself.  Cash is very independent. 

IMG 8784


Cash is very expressive! You always know how he is feeling!

IMG 8789


Cash has a smile that will light up a room. He has not just one but TWO sets of dimples.  

IMG 8822


Cash is smart.  At the age of 2 and half he can already recognize all of his letters and numbers 1-9.  He LOVES books and is already trying to sound out words!

IMG 8832


Everyone who meets Cash or takes care of him tells us- “I just love that kid!” He is endearing.

IMG 8835


This year Cash will be going to Mother’s Day Out just two days a week and I will miss him, but I know it will be good for him.

IMG 8843


Cash is not afraid to try new things- he is our brave child. 

IMG 8851


Cash is SO loved by Emma and Foster.  He is like our little family mascot. 

IMG 8852


I look forward to seeing what Cash does with his life-I have a feeling he is going to do big things!

IMG 8855


I love you little Cash.  Happy 2 and a half years old!

IMG 8875

4th of July

We took some pictures of the kiddos in the backyard for the 4th!

Emma (8 1/2), Foster (5 1/2), Cash (2 1/2)

IMG 2770

IMG 2775


You can’t have the 4th of July without eating some watermelon!

IMG 2781

IMG 2783

IMG 8766


Brotherly love…

IMG 8849


On the actual 4th we went to Jenks as a family for their 4th of July festival.  Here are the kiddos outside of a fire truck.  

IMG 2795


We had lunch at Los Cabos

IMG 2796


ON the evening of the 4th we watched Fireworks with the Zimmerman family.  Here are the kiddos before the fireworks started!

IMG 2806


As we were walking to a spot on the lawn we were scared to death by a flyover that happened RIGHT OVER OUR HEADS!  We seriously thought a plane almost hit our heads. It was SO LOUD and it took several minutes for the kids to recover!

IMG 2812

Although Foster held his hands over his ears the entire evening, we still had a blast watching the fireworks!