June iPhone pics

And here are a few more random pics from June… man we were busy!

One afternoon I took all 3 kids to the mall to get a small prize for a reward and we decided to eat at the food court.

As I mentioned in a previous post Emma wanted these glasses “just for fun.” She is also really into Subway Sandwiches these days! 

IMG 2386


Foster LOVES stuffed animals. He picked this one out for himself- it is a Beanie Boo. 

IMG 2387


Cash got a little dalmatian puppy. 

IMG 2388


On June 6th we had the honor of attending Abbe Meese’s wedding. Here are Nana and Emma at the reception.  Abbe invited a lot of little kids (she loves kids) and had a lot of activities for the kids to do so they wouldn’t be bored.  It was so very sweet. 

IMG 2421

IMG 2423


The beautiful bride! i have known Abbe since she was a little girl.  :)

IMG 2424


We were so excited to finally get to swim at Lifetime! 

IMG 2451


IMG 2467

IMG 2482

IMG 2485


The kids doing “Yoga for Kids” one day- this totally cracked me up! They were all very into it!

IMG 2503

IMG 2504

IMG 2510


Summer Reading Program at the library

IMG 2517

IMG 2521


Robin and i had a blast at the Zoo Waltz again this year! What an extremely fun date night!

IMG 2566


Just a small sampling of some of the awesome food!

IMG 2568

IMG 2589


This is a picture of a picture of us in the photo booth with props. 

IMG 2604


We had a visit from Robin’s Cousin, Jonathan, wife Carolyn and their kiddos.  We had so much fun catching up with them on their way to Branson!

IMG 2611


Emma had Aubrey over for a sleepover one night and they decided to sleep in the tent. :)

IMG 2636

Anniversary Getaway New Braunfels style

We were so excited to get away for a couple of days to New Braunfels for our 15th Anniversary!  We were so grateful to grandparents for watching our kiddos for us.

IMG 2698


We met up with our good friends the Kreys and Rowes on the first night for an Avett Brother’s concert… the real reason we went to New Braunfels!  Here we are eating at Gristmill… I had never been there- what a cool place!

IMG 2701

IMG 2702


The concert was amazing!

IMG 2705


As if the Avett brothers at an outdoor concert along the river wasn’t already cool enough, we had fireworks too!

IMG 2739


Our friends left New Braunfels the next day but me and Robin stayed for an extra night.  He were are Sunday morning after going to a local church.

IMG 2713


We ate lunch at the most fantastic brunch place ever! We just got lucky by finding McAdoo’s on the Yelp App.  

Here is my shrimp queso meal- best thing ever!

IMG 2715


Banana’s Foster french toast

IMG 2716


While in New Braunfels we stayed in an adorable bed and breakfast that I found on-line.  It was called The Nut House and was on a Pecan Plantation.  I loved everything about this house!

IMG 2732


IMG 2730IMG 2718


IMG 2736

IMG 2719


IMG 2712


We were both so grateful for a few days away from real life! I love spending quality time with this guy. 

IMG 2740

Journey off the Map VBS

We had an awesome time at VBS 2015!  I worked in Foster’s 5 year old class and we had a great group of kids.  The theme this year was Journey off the Map!


IMG 2656

Foster and his good friend London in music class…

IMG 2640


Music time

IMG 2643


Foster and Whitley

IMG 2644

IMG 8659  1


Praising God during the Preschool Rally

IMG 8690


This was our sweet little class!

IMG 8719  1


Craft time- this is my good friend Candace helping Foster make a walking stick!

IMG 2661


The parachute is always a FAVORITE at VBS!

IMG 2664

IMG 2665

IMG 2672

Blueberry Pickin’

On June 16th my Mom and I made a last minute decision to go blueberry picking with the kids!  There are several area blueberry picking farms in our area but we went to Thunderbird Berry Farm in far East Broken Arrow. 

It was a hot muggy day but it was also sprinkling a bit so that cooled things off.  

This picture is blurry but I had to share: Nana, Emma, and Cash walking to the blackberries.

IMG 2529


We started by picking blackberries first and I must say they were delicious!

Here is my Emma getting ready to pick!

IMG 2530


Emma and Cash picking blackberries

IMG 2535

IMG 2538


Blueberry picking!

IMG 2544

IMG 2547

We had an awesome time picking and looked forward to eating the fruits of our labor! :)

SMAK Program: Amerikids

Emma attended SMAK from June 6-10th and had an awesome time. This was Emma’s 2nd time to attend “Big SMAK” as we call it (as opposed to little pre-smak that the younger kids attend!)

The program was called Amerikids and it was a really impressive Patriotic play.  

IMG 4877

IMG 4879


Here is Emma’s fan club: Nana, Cash, Foster, Mommy, Judy, and Daddy the photographer. 

IMG 4881


Nana was SO excited that Emma was holding the Kansas sign since that is where Nana is from!

IMG 4884  1

IMG 4888  1


Philip Stephens is our Minister of Music and we absolutely adore he and his wife Mary Ann.  We are forever indebted to them for the way they have poured into the music program at South Tulsa Baptist Church for both adults and children!

IMG 4899

IMG 4916  1


Emma had a special little “movement” part during one of the songs and she did a great job!

IMG 4930

IMG 4960


Mackenzie, Kinley, and Emma… love these pictures after the program!  I am so thankful for friends that Emma feels so comfortable with!

IMG 4986

IMG 4982

Swim Lessons

We did swim lessons through Jane Witt for the 2nd summer in a row.  The kids made so much progress las summer and we were excited to see even more progress a year later!  Swim lessons were Monday-Thursday June 1-11th.  

Here are the kiddos in the locker room before class one day.  I owe Nana a HUGE thank you for helping get the kids to and from lessons several days in a row!  She had to sit in a hot locker room during two hours of lessons!

IMG 4801


Emma’s observation day:

IMG 4809

IMG 4824

IMG 4832

IMG 4842

IMG 4847


Emma swam from one end of the pool to the other! She had some trouble with her breathing- lifting her head too far out of the water so that is something we will continue to work on… but she made it from one end to the other!

IMG 4848


Foster’s observation day:

IMG 4858

IMG 4872

Overall it was a great session of swim lessons, we are proud of both of our kiddos!

Pre-Smak 2015

Pre-Smak was from June 8-10 and Foster had a great time!  I was one of the teachers in Foster’s 5 year old classroom and several of his buddies came too! Lathan, Corbin, and Henry were all there this year! The theme this year was “Truth Trail!”

Lathan and Foster:

IMG 2443


I’m not sure why I didn’t get a ton of pictures- Robin was out of town and I was helping direct the choir so this was all I got! 

IMG 2448


We had a great week!  

IMG 2441

Pee Wee Basketball Camp

Foster’s friends from school were enrolled in a Pee Basketball Camp at Jenks and invited us to come as well.  I am so glad we signed up for this camp- Foster loved it!  Before this week Foster had NEVER picked up a real basketball. :( This is shocking considering how much Robin loves basketball!  We don’t have a basketball goal at our house so the opportunity just isn’t readily available.  

The camp was June 3-5th for two hours each day at the main Jenks basketball gym.  Varsity players and coaches led the camp and Foster loved them!

IMG 2403


This pic was taken on the 2nd day. The coaches had given the boys “homework” to practice dribbling so Robin helped Foster on our back patio before camp. 

IMG 2401


Here is Cash watching the boys.  We were only able to stay and watch for a bit because Cash kept running to the TOP of the bleachers and Mommy was tired of chasing him! 

IMG 2393


Proud big sister and little bro watching.  The glasses on Emma’s face are fake… just a fashion statement!

IMG 2406


Foster hated the loud buzzer in the gym that sounded every 30 seconds… I kept catching him with his hands over his ears.  

IMG 4749


Interesting tidbit… Coach Dahl seen here was my middle school PE teacher and he still works for Jenks.  He was embarrassed when I introduced myself to him as his former student. :)

IMG 4771


At the beginning of camp Foster really couldn’t make a basket at all but by the end of camp he was making a few baskets each round- lots of progress!

IMG 4794

We will definitely try to attend the camp again next summer!

To catch up the blog… or not to catch up the blog…



So, it has been almost exactly a year since I last blogged.  The thought of trying to catch up completely and totally overwhelms me but I have determined it is necessary.

A couple of friends mentioned to me a week or so ago that they missed seeing my blog updates and I thought- I had no idea people even looked at my blog- it made me happy!  

When I debated in my head whether or not it was worth the effort to catch up I determined that it is TOTALLY worth it for the following reasons:

1. My blog is for my kids!  I hope that someday they will be able to look back at our blog and be able to reminisce on their childhood!  They already look back at it from time to time and loving seeing pictures from just a few years ago when they were “little.”

2. Journaling in my blog is therapeutic for me! I love sitting down and looking back through pictures.  It reminds me of fun times, and allows me to relive those moments!  It also shows me how far we have come!  

3. I often look back at the blog to remember when certain things happened- it is my record book!

4. My blog is a way for friends and family to keep up with our lives, similar to Facebook but a more extended format.

So my blog will not be perfect.  My updates from June 2015-June 2016 may be a more abbreviated version as I attempt to catch up. Thank you for reading and thank you for your patience!

May iPhone pics

I am figuring out that I take a lot more pictures on my phone than on my camera these days because these “iPhone blog posts” are becoming longer and longer!  Here is a very random recap of some of my iPhone pics from the month of May!


Emma thought it would be hilarious to put cucumbers on her eyes while we were eating dinner on the patio at Zoe’s one night!

IMG 1876


I got to have a fun girls night out one night with my Mom, my Aunt Judy, and Cousin Sara… we went to my cousin Haley’s high school play- she did awesome!

IMG 1884


Haley is the one reading the letter. :)

IMG 1890


Over several months we have saved up a TON of coins.  My Uncle Ron gave us a TON more when he moved out of his house in May.  I decided it was time to take the coins to a Coinstar to turn those coins into actual cash. The kids loved it!

IMG 1924

IMG 1925


Not bad!

IMG 1926


This is the 2nd time in a year that the lights have gone out at church on a Sunday morning!  We have learned to improvise with flashlights on our phones.  

IMG 2056


One day after school Marissa came over to play with Emma and they were being very silly posing…

IMG 2132


A few minutes later I looked over and the boys were posing too and asked me to take their picture! :)

IMG 2135


Foster went to a fun Birthday party at Lifetime Fitness one Friday evening and he had so much fun trying to climb the rock wall!

IMG 2139


Foster and Corbin at the Birthday party

IMG 2148

IMG 2152


We had several rain-out soccer games during the Spring season.  Some of our make-up games were played in the rain as well!


IMG 2180

IMG 2181

IMG 2182


At the end of May we went to Mom’s school one Saturday to help her pack her classroom.  The kids had a blast going through all of her stuff.  It was somewhat bittersweet!

IMG 2254

IMG 2256


We had record rainfalls during the month of May.  Our backyard needs some work in the way of grading and drainage. :(  I posted this picture to Facebook one night… we had flash flooding and we could tell there was standing water in our backyard so Robin went out to check if the french drains were actually draining.  He wasn’t taking anything with him and I said, “Aren’t you going to take something with you?”  He looked at the ground and grabbed Foster’s plastic sword! 

IMG 2267

IMG 2270


Memorial Day 2015- visiting Grandpa Charlie’s grave

IMG 2277


We had Braylen over for a play date one day… these two boys are good buddies.  I love watching them together! 

IMG 2319